Share a ride, meet new people and cut some cost. Carpool today.

No credits or Fees involved.
Android and IOS Beta out now.


About Us

SwiftBack is a ride sharing app which connects you with passengers to carpool. Join thousands of drivers who save up to $500 a month, get to meet people and help save the environment.

SwiftBack : Tompang lah! Share a ride, Meet people, Cut cost, …Tompang lah! share a ride, meet people, cut cost, free to use app :

Posted by SwiftBack on Friday, December 18, 2015

How does it work?

1. Pickup

Accept a request or offer a ride, see who is on the way

2. Drop Off

Get notified if a match is found,
Passenger’s details are provided

3. Earn

Collect cash on hand,
card payment credited monthly

Save more on SwiftBack

Up to $500 +

Save hundreds a month on your cost of driving while meeting new people along the way, all just by sharing a ride. Join thousands of drivers on the platform, free to use with no upfront credits or fees in our beta.

Meet New People

Share a ride and share the journey, meet and network with people from all walks of life in a community of more than 10,000+ Who knows? you might just make some awesome friends along the way.

Save the earth.
Get rewarded.

Soon : SwiftBack is the first ride sharing app to introduce leaderboards a feature which rewards drivers by points which are measured by distance covered per carpooling trip X Ratings received as a goal to help reduce carbon emission and build a sustainable platform. Get paid to get paid to save the earth. #TripleWhammm

Register in a min, lifetime of benefit

No Fees, No Credits Involved

Share the cost of your commute , Save hundreds a month, no fees or credits involved in our beta.

Meet new people

Expand your network, share a ride light up some smiles and make a positive change today.

Register in Seconds, Lifetime of Benefit

less than a min to register, upload a copy of your drivers license, veh insurance and veh photos

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